The Afixia Difference


Our websites get the job done. Over and above functional, we create online solutions that help to market your company and its services. Did we mention it will look great, too?


Worried about a budget? Afixia has a lower overhead than most agencies so we can afford to offer low rates. Mix and match from our services to fit your needs and budget.


In addition to some out-of-the-box customizable solutions, we specialize in creating your project from the ground up. Our developers design is made completely custom to match your new or existing branding.

Painless Communication

We speak your language. Whether you’re an IT director or have no idea what URL means, we have the know-how to relate your web project in your terms — without fancy buzz-words to prove how tech savvy we are. The way we work, everyone understands.

Painless Process

To start things off, meet with our team in person, via web cam or by phone. We want to develop a complete understanding of your website’s needs. With an Afixia quote in hand, your new website is on its way. We provide a timeline for the development process so everyone involved knows content, deadlines and live dates. You get the final say and will have ample time to proof and sign off on each phase.


Give us a call — we’re real people behind the phone. We stand by our work and our number one goal is to make sure you’re satisfied. Your emails get an immediate response and we don’t ignore difficult questions — in fact, we love anything that comes with a challenge.